Detailed report on your domain

Our analysis tool creates a detailed reporting based on several data and algorithms.
Our algorithm is based on a neural network.
Not only does it reveal the value of your domains or those of third parties,
but it also provides insight into search volume, web statistics, TLD facts, keyword facts, similar sales, whois check, Google trends and many other parameters.

The easiest way to determine the domain value


Thanks to our API, you can also integrate the Domain Price Checker into your project.

AI Algorithm

Our AI algorithm is constantly trained and learns daily. The algorithm is based on a neural network.


We see ourselves as a neutral source of price information and act objectively.

Free Of Charge

Our Domain Price Check service is free of charge for you.

Know what you’re worth

No matter if you just want to buy a domain, want to better assess your own portfolio, or are in the middle of a price negotiation: the Domain Price Checker is your independent digital adviser in terms of domain value.